A Dream Space - Model and Sheet

A Dream Space – Model and Sheet

Today’s seminar was about dream space. We were put into groups of five and given the task to represent our idea of what a dream space was by using a model and a sheet of A2 piece of paper.

We began by brainstorming and writing our thoughts down onto a mind map. We all came to the conclusion that dreams are not accurate. Unrealistic things happened, for example people merge; you could be talking to one person and the next second they’ll have changed into someone completely different the next, maybe even a mixture of the both. Dreams also don’t occur straight away, you are led into them. This is where our inspiration for creating a card model of spiraling stairs came from. This was further emphasized by the coloured ribbon on our steps and sheet of paper. A journey through a dream.

We focused on the changing faces of people and enhanced this by the dark mysterious figures on our model and through overlapping faces on our sheet of paper. We layered photographs of our faces that were printed on tracing paper. At the end of the week we each exhibited our work to the rest of the groups. We ended up needing to take photographs of the layered faces and not sticking them straight onto our paper sheet as they needed light to be able to see them merge.

Throughout the week we used a number of tools and equipment, these were; card, paper, tracing paper, scissors, all-purpose glue, clear tape, scalpel, cutting mat, safety ruler, watercolour pencils, paintbrush and a camera and printer. once we had finished our model we took it outside to take photos. We also put it in a dimly lit corner and shone a torch on it to create shadows. It was really fascinating seeing different people’s pieces of work and stories. The task taught me how to transform an idea into a solid form and how to take inspiration from the objects and people surrounding you.

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