CoLab Project - Week 1

CoLab Project – Week 1

Over the next few weeks we will be working alongside clients to create an installation which will be shown in an end of year exhibition in the HPO.

Day 1 – At the beginning of the day we were divided into groups of 5 people and each group picked an expert out of a hat. We randomly chose Action – HOPE Renovations.

We began to research into their concepts and found that they were and organisation that taught life skills to disadvantaged young people and adults by bringing empty homes back into use. Once renovation is complete, anyone suitable requiring affordable housing can apply to rent the property, including those who help to renovate them.

We decided to brainstorm some ideas for our installation and jotted them down on an A3 sheet. We looked to pinterest for inspiration and found some interesting photos and concepts.


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At the networking event in the afternoon we met with two people from ACTION. They were enthusiastic about our project and we gained a deeper understanding of what their company was about and what they wanted from us. They were open to a list of ideas and so we were not too design restricted.

The brief, alongside talking to our experts, highlighted how they wanted us to promote the work they do by in some way demonstrating the journey of service users from entering into the service and their circumstances prior to their support and then how action has supported them to address their support needs and provide stability, empowerment and confidence in their lives. They wanted the piece to be interactive and the lady liked the concept of order out of chaos. At the end of our project and exhibition the company would like to keep our installation and have it kept in the main entrance of their new building for visitors and clients to observe and interact with.

During the discussion we organised a visit to one of their main sites where they were currently working on and where the installation would be placed.

Caitlin sketched out some possible designs.


Day 2 – Today we had a talk from our new tutors – Daz, Remy and Caroline. They put on a video from a previous installation project which helped us gain knowledge of what we were expected to do. They also showed us some inspirational photos of exhibitions and highlighted how things were shown at deeper levels, it wasn’t about just what you saw straight away – metaphors.

Possible ideas;

gg g

The tutors preferred the triangles idea.


Day 3 – A trip was set up to go and visit one of the companies sites in Rotherham that they are working on at the moment. Scott and Tom were there to discuss the site. It consists of an old public library and a council counting building. These are a few of the buildings which ACTION have bought to renovate and turn into accommodation for young people which are from troubled backgrounds and are currently spread around Rotherham. There will be three accommodation buildings which each have differing purposes to help people recover and become more self-sufficient.

The first building is to give the young adults a secure and stable place to live with 24/7 help if needed.

img-20160427-wa0038  img-20160427-wa0033

The second building is the library which will only be accommodation. They will have less security and hopefully become more independent.

img-20160427-wa0029  img-20160427-wa0028

Scott and Tom were then shown our initial idea for the installation. They liked our concepts and were happy with our progress so far. They showed some of the areas in the building that we could use to place our project. We learnt that we could use a range of colours/materials/textures in our process and there was no restrictions on these.

Once in the studio, it was decided to make some models to test out shapes, materials, sizes and structure of the installation. We did not do them to scale as this would have been too big. We used cardboard and foamboard.


Circles slotted onto a frame

Triangles slotted onto a frame

Triangles with corner slots fitted to a frame

Squares slotted onto a frame

Triangles made from mountboard and slotted onto a grid


Day 4 – Today consisted of a discussion with the tutors about our ideas and progress so far. Our design is developing well and we received some praises and constructive criticism. We have decided to carry on the concept of representing ACTIONS journey through writing their clients comments on triangles and slotting them onto a frame or grid to create an interactive and continuously growing sculpture. We now have to think about what materials and colours we want to use and at what scale. We decided to start designing some moodboards so we could see aesthetically what colours and shapes etc could go together. Whilst we were doing this Caitlin began to work out sizes and scales.