My Project

My Project

We were given three buildings to choose from which would accommodate our retail space;

Site 1 – Bungalows and Bears, The old fire station.

Site 2 –  Numbers 22 + 24 Chapel Walk

Site 3 – Charles Street Sub Station


My proposal

I have chosen the buildings 22 and 24 on Chapel Walk. Inside will consist of an active wear clothes shop and a space where yoga and relaxation can take place. It will be a hybrid space. It will have a contemporary yet traditional feel. There are not many sport shops on the high street in Sheffield and so I saw a gap in the market. It will focus on clothes for gym activities, yoga and running.


The location is number 22 and 24 on chapel walk. I like the fact it has more than one floor, its size and location. It’s situated down a side street off of the main shopping high street in town – Fargate. It can also be accessed from Norfolk Street. Either side are empty stores and opposite is a nail salon, phone shop and a food place.

The first floor consists of large bay windows and two main doors – they are both inlets and one has an iron gate. Along the bottom of the façade are large stone slabs. The front is wood which has been painted white. The second floor also has windows but on one side they are slightly covered by large pebbledash board. Inside are long rectangular rooms with fairly low rooves.

Target Audience

The target audience are people who enjoy sport and being healthy. It will be apply to both genders and the age range will be from around 17 to 35. They will be students and people who work. The customers will be people who participate in sport, yoga and go to the gym. The products sold will be stylish and aimed at customers who like comfort, fashion and to look appealing. They will be people who do have a bit of money to spend on items that are not essentials.