Brian's First Drawing Class

Brian’s First Drawing Class

Today was our first class with Brian Smith. He began by briefing us about sketching. I drew circles, ellipses and lines (horizontal, diagonal and vertical) free hand onto an A3 PAPER. I learnt that by standing up your whole arm was able to move more freely which improves your ability to draw. To draw the circles I moved my pen in a rotary motion without making a mark to get the shape correct and then I moved onto making the actual mark. I shaded and smudged some of my circles to make them appear more 3D. When drawing ellipses I realized I need to practice and improve the shape of the curves as they are not equal – the top is more curved than the bottom. The next task was to draw a few shapes onto a page. I then passed my paper to the person on my right and they would copy what I had drawn using our knowledge on negative/positive shapes, horizontal/diagonal/vertical lines, axis of symmetry, tangents and angles. This enabled us to check proportions were correct with the objects. I would do the same with the image the person to my left had drawn for me. Brian then drew an image on the board that we had to copy using the same methods. To finish we were told to hold an unfamiliar object in our hand and try to draw it without looking. I drew a peeler and a pan lid. This taught me to use other senses; it was harder than I thought as you couldn’t see its proportions and exact details to be able to give an accurate account of it.


Drawing circles freehand and shading

Drawing ellipses freehand

Drawing ellipses freehand


Replicating what the person next to us had drawn


Replicating the jug and surrounding object Brian had drawn on the jug. Our homework, along with to label the jug drawing was to feel an object and draw it – the difficult part was that we could only feel it and not look at it. My outcome is the two drawings on the right.