CoLab Project - Week 3

CoLab Project – Week 3

Day 11 – We decided we wanted to make our frame out of steel and so we took to the Sheaf workshops with Daz to look at different thicknesses and sizes. The frame is a base for the triangles where they will slot onto and then gradually build outwards. We originally wanted it to hang but then decided to have it standing. After deciding on what steel flat bar to use, Daz showed us the multiple ways we could join them together. We then made a cutting list for the sizes and quantities.




Day 12 – Today consisted of James, Salma and I working upstairs painting the triangles that had already been cut out – different shades of yellow, blue and greens. Meanwhile, Caitlin and Ilkay were cutting out more triangles on the laser cutter. We began to put some triangles together which gave us a better indication of how many triangles we would need.



Day 13 – We continued to cut out and paint triangles and by the end of the day had made around 200. Whilst we were working on these, Daz had assembled the frame in the workshops.

Now we need to clean them, give them a finish and make some legs for the structure to stand on.


Day 14 – Today I worked on tidying up the triangles. I sanded the edges and got rid of any excess paint that made them look messy. Cailtin and Ilkay were in the workshops cleaning the steel grids. They smoothed the edges using wet and dry and then cleaned them with white spirit and gave them a coat of wax.


We each took some triangles home and wrote some quotes that ACTION had provided us with which were comments their clients had said. We divided the quotes into three section – beginning of their journey, middle and end outcome ready to put on the grids.