Mick Scherdel, HML Lecture 2

Mick Scherdel, HML Lecture 2

Today’s lecture was a continuation of last weeks – walls.

Wall construction materials

Masonry – facing brick, concrete common blocks, concrete facing blocks, natural stone.

– advantages: weather resistant, self textured, lifespan, security, acoustic transfer, fire protection, structural stability.

– disadvantages: labour intensive, environment, small components, weight, wet trades health and safety, flexibility, transport and logistics.

There are ways to enhance weather resistance and thermal insulation

  • masonry solid brickwork wall, masonry cavity brickwork wall, masonry cavity rendered wall, weatherproof cladding panel wall, weatherproof cladding panel wall
  • masonry wall details – cavity wall section, wall tie types, head restraint details, masonry support systems


Concrete – precast, insitu, tiles

Retaining Walls

– advantages: thermal mass, security, infinite size and shape, robustness/impact, weather resistance.

– disadvantages: wet trades, weight, labour intensive, costs, impact sound transfer, environment.


Metals – stainless steel, profiled steel, lead, copper, zinc.

– advantages: prefabrication, lightweight components, speed of erection, hygiene (stainless), texture and profiles, size and shape, environment (natural lead, copper, zinc).

– disadvantages: secondary support required, no thermal mass, adaptability, costs, acoustics, robustness/impact, hygiene (natural lead, copper, zinc).

Metals – profiled steel

Zinc – horizontal or vertical cladding


Glass – structural glazing, framed systems (head detail, cill detail, jamb detail, screen elevation) blocks

– advantages: weather resistance, structural stability, lifespan, high precision, size and shape, prefabrication.

– disadvantages: secondary support, fire protection, security, privacy, weight, costs, acoustics.


Man made – plasterboard, plastics, laminate panels

– advantages: adaptability, flexibility, cost, hygiene, prefabrication, infinite size and shape.

– disadvantages: security, lifespan, thermal mass, maintenance, weather resistance, robustness/impact.


Metal stud wall constructions/types/details

Environment – recycled/green

High tech – lighting walls, information walls, solar, heating, ventilation and cooling.